Project Cargo Network (PCN)

Ryano Logistics is a distinguished member of the Project Cargo Network. PCN is a certified quality & environmental management organization and acts as a strong collaborative platform of industry leaders whom have proven expertise in handling complex project cargo and heavy lift shipments. All members offer project cargo management for engineering, procurement and construction companies, whilst working professionally and safely under a strict code of conduct.

Currently, the PCN network has a global reach that extends to over 800+ offices worldwide, covering 108 countries, employing up to 12,000 staff members and handling over 109,000 shipments per month. The effective functioning has resulted in annual revenues hitting 2.892 Billion USD.

In practice, PCN is regarded the initiator of many longstanding business relations and facilitates its members to maintain those. It issues digital newsletters covering the latest updates about the industry, offers marketing tools, online networking systems and many other customized services. For the purpose of supporting the strong fundamental collaborative platform, PCN hosts annual conferences for its members.

Well-known for our hands-on approach, we at Ryano Logistics seek to be an active participant in these annual summits as we are vey well aware of the importance of these face-to-face meetings. For this particular reason will our executives be present at the 4th PCN annual summit in Rome in November 2014. 

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