On the 31 of December 2020 ends the transition period that followed the decision made on the 31of January 2020 by the The United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU).
In Ryano we valued inmensely the trust you put on as to deliver your goods where and when you require them to be. In order, accomplished a flowless operation regardeless Brexit, for Ryano; is no other than business as usual, and for you our loyal and valued customers, it shouldn’t have a big effect on the day to day business.
We have produced a checklist that will enable us to provide our projects and logistics services. Find below the documents we required before hand, to prevent unneccesary delays on your shipments from/to the UK.
At Logistics & Projects we have prepare for over a year to handle all new procedures that BREXIT carry on, thus we strongly believe that it is important for you to be able to focus on issues that need your immediate attention. Meanwhile, our team assures you a flawless operations regardless BREXIT.
We have developed a short checklist that enables us to take care of your shipments to and from the United Kingdom after January 1, 2021 as you are used to from us.
In order to continue, providing you with a flawless traffic we require the following information:

  •  EORI NUMBER (Economic Operatios Registration and Identification number)

For many entrepreneurs, doing business with a country outside the European Union is new. Regardless of the nature and size of the trade, whether you file a declaration yourself or have it done, every company needs an EORI number. This is the identification number for your company. Without an EORI number you will soon no longer be able to do business with companies in the United Kingdom.


The Power of attorney for direct Representation, enabling us to provide export and import declarations on behalf of your company. Ryano Logistics & Projects has a coalition with Gaston Schul for all customs formalities. This alliance guarantees the most professional and accurate customs declaration at all times. We required the attached Power of attorney signed and stamped by the legal representative.
- Power of attorney Ryano Logistics B.V.
- Power of attorney Ryano Expeditie B.V.


For a quick and correct handling by customs it is important that all data for the transport is correct and complete.

  •  Commercial invoice / packing list:

- Number of items (pieces)
- Article number, barcode and/or serial number (if applicable)
- Weight per item and total weight in Kilogram
- Price per item and total price in Euro of USD
- HS code for each item
- Incoterm agreed

  •  Important links:

- HS codes
- Incoterms 2020

In case you require further assistance, feel free to contact us via email to sales, filling on our contact form or  by telephone to 0031 168 388 510.

Thank you for providing us with all the necessary documentation to resolve and proceed with your traffic towards Great Britain.

We look forward to: Powering the world together!

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