The Holland House

Ryano Logistics is a well-engaged member of the Holland House situated in Colombia. The Holland House is a uniquely established, bilateral organization focusing on facilitating overseas business between the Netherlands and Colombia. In this sense, the Holland House serves as a first junction that optimizes the intra-country trade relations and is geared toward value creation for cross-border relationships and investments. The organization functions independently and is funded by both the Dutch government as well as the businesses involved themselves.

The Holland House represents the interests of the Dutch and other foreign businesses by working in a so called knowledge-government-business framework in which cooperation between the companies, research institutes and governments is key. A fundamental precondition is that all parties involved follow the conduct of responsible and sustainable leadership.

In practice, it implies that the Holland House is engaged in organizing trade encouraging activities as network events as well as providing assistance in housing foreign businesses. They have identified multiple markets and sectors in which they want to increase the presence of Dutch businesses. Within these, they offer services from a wide variety of experts and open doors to a broad network of contacts from multiple industries. These markets include but are not limited to the chemical industry, oil-gas and mining and the transport and logistics market. The Holland House sets the target to increase the current intra trade balance by 50% within the period of 2013-2016.

For these practical reasons, Ryano Logistics has made use of their services and proved to be an active member within the organization. As of 2014, we at Ryano logistics are pleased to announce that we are part of the project cargo network, representing Peru. Located in Lima and opened a private office within the office building of the Holland House organization, we strive to offer the highest quality service in OOG cargo and projects for the oil & gas, mining, and power plant industries. 

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