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Ryano is more than just your regular logistics service provider, as a logistics partner we can become part of your project or event across the world. With Global Events Logistics we organize all transports, personnel, equipment and off course your goods at the right time and location when and where you need it. Our clients only need to worry about their event and how to entertain their visitors.


Since 2003 Ryano has been involved in the full door-to-door logistics of a growing number of renowned events. From the world and European cups to the winter & summer Olympics we provided the logistics for all sorts of material. Were it temporary kitchens, or structures and tents, to power generators and broadcasting equipment. As a result, we have gained experience and specialized ourselves in to what we call the market for ‘sensitive event logistics’.


Over the years our way of working within such events has advanced tremendously. When we start 18 to 24 months prior to the event we divide the time line into 5 phases, each with its distinct hygiene factors, success criteria & milestones. This way of working is always shared with our clients & partners to assure smooth processes.


Similarly, we have developed a team structure we believe is most effective. Depending on the size of the event and the amount of suppliers and partners contracted by the event we devise a dedicated event team. Each team dedicates itself to a single event & always consists of an event director, locally and non-locally present project managers & freight forwarders.    

We have realized many events across the globe and raised many happy faces and experiences to the world. We love to help to create future memories!


At Ryano we offer you the most reliable transport and logistics solutions to overcome any challenge on your way to success. Ensuring the delivery of outstanding solutions for every single one of your events.
We offer integrated logistics via project management for multi modal : The road transport, sea freight, air freight of your goods, logistics services portfolio for exceptional cargo, turnkey projects, custom formalities, warehouse, inventorying and monitoring.

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