Mining – Harvesting the sources for production

When we transport your equipment, we are well aware that this equipment could be your main source for your mining production or it will become the difference in working more efficiently. These type of (special) transports are not just moving a machine, but moving a vital part of your company’s success.

Ryano transports different types of materials, equipment and machinery and due to our experience acquired over years in this industry we have developed the ability to customize logistics solutions to each individual project. By bringing together the best techniques we deliver consistent performance handling your project and delivering it where you need it and when you need it.


Our offices in LATAM are experienced and known with this  market, as it is one of the biggest industries on the South American continent. If you want to ship materials and equipment from EU to LATAM, you can contact our HQ as well. Our LATAM offices have a local network and are able to perform route surveys on request.


As a logistics service provider we offer integrated logistics by assisting you in: The road transport, sea freight, air freight of your goods, logistics services portfolio for exceptional cargo, turnkey projects, custom formalities, warehouse, inventorying and monitoring.

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