The Ryano Logistics group is an initiative generated 15 years ago by our CEO Pieter van der Weijden with a background in Logistics acquired in 25 years of performing in the transport and logistics industry. For over a decade he has been constantly refining the company that once started as a home office and nowadays has become a global logistics operator.

Throughout the years the most important objective has always been to create the ideal working team that understands and shares Ryano’s purposes and methodology entirely. Today we are very proud to say that our team is the most important asset we have; working with such a great team has lead us to establish great connections with a very rich and reliable global network. This has been formed with very trustworthy agents that share our values and believes.

The Ryano Logistics group has learned to adapt to the latest economy developments, we have become experts in handling logistics challenges. Our head quarter in The Netherlands has a very strong regional presence with our offices in Moerdijk located in between 2 of the main ports of Europe, the port of Rotterdam and Port of Antwerp Port. Our HQ office building is equipped with the required tools and materials and safety and security regulatory system that combined with a safety program ensures the highest safety standards that seek to achieve a zero-incident mindset. Our location provides an own yard, with bonded warehouse, cargo docks and facilities for handling goods. Giving us the space to satisfy the growing needs of our clients and keep up with the rapidly growing industry.

In addition, two recent offices have been opened in Latin America. Ryano Logistics Peru and Ryano Logistics Colombia were inaugurated in 2014. Ryano Logistics Peru is located in Lima and is from 2014 logistics representative from PCN Project Cargo Networking. Furthermore, Ryano Logistics Colombia’s office is located in Bogota in the Holland House, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Colombia entity in which Ryano Logistics is also a premium member. Both offices carry on the same service portfolio as our HQs as well as the vivid intention to delivering exclusive and supreme logistics assistance.

For over a decade our customers have profited from our reliable approach, skilled staff, and efficient networking. The financial crisis was a challenge that Ryano Logistics faced with integrity, by modifying the organizational structure making it more efficient, this attitude lead into an expansion on Ryano’s fleet, including new equipment for further specialization of exceptional transport.

In 2010 we accomplished due to hard work a SSC (HSE) certificate: VCA* and started a quality control system Q-SHE, which was improved in 2013 by adding ISO 9001 and AEO certificates to our Q-SHE system.
Since the opening of Ryano Logistics group our philosophy has invariably been to always provide a solution to our clients, we are exceptionally passionate and welcome challenges with a great attitude.
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