You only need to turn the key when Ryano has delivered

We manage all the pre- and post shipment details of a project, taking responsibility for a client’s complete logistic needs. Our strength is our ability to keep in mind even the smallest details in the logistics operations that are critical to completing an event successfully. As a logistics service provider we are capable to manage all type of modalities and logistics processes. We like to share our knowledge and experience to our clients, to ensure that your event or project will be in control.

We provide turnkey logistics to provide our clients with the following benefits:

• One Stop Shop for all activities.
• Reduction of client - service provider interaction time for the same activity.
• Better planning and management through seamless chain of logistics.
• Elimination of chances of friction between various service providers.
• Hassle free single point responsibility.


As your logistics partner Ryano becomes part of your project or event across the world. For our clients with global events we organize all transports, personnel, equipment and off course your goods at the right time and location when and where its needed. Our clients only need to worry about their event and their visitors, for more information please visit: Global Events and Events Logistics.


Ryano has supported several big sports events by taking the stage as the supply chain coordinator. Due to direct contact with our customer we can ensure that all parties receive their parts of equipment in time to perform at their best. We understand that the performance of our customer is directly linked tot the performance of athletes.


Our expertise and success handling complete projects and event is our greatest evidence of how committed is our team to always provide excellent services and solution, approaching every project and event from your point of view and adding our experience in logistics, resulting in a combination that ensures the success of your projects and event.

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