When you need a dry, safe and secure warehouse

Ryano offers a vast  diversity of warehouse options and additional services, including a bonded warehouse and inventory control & monitoring. We offer you the following locations:

Ryano Logistics & Ryano Projects- The Netherlands

Our business location in The Netherlands offers a storage area of 6.000m2 for your goods in the port of Moerdijk. Both indoor and outdoor, offering as well bounded storage, cross docking, lashing and securing.
Goods that have not yet being cleared through customs can also be stored in our warehouse due to our customs permit. With our AEO C status we can guarantee you that our customs procedures are valid.


We have the ability to load and unload using docks, heavy forklifts, crane trucks and experienced employees. Our warehouse has temporarily stored many exceptional cargo. We can arrange insurances as well for the storage of your products. Please visit for more information our section about exceptional cargo and special transports.


Lashing and securing of sea freight is also a service that we can arrange.


We offer 3 different types of warehousing in Lima: Customs, Simple and Temporary Warehousing with a total storage Area of 120.000 m2.\


We provide over 35 distributions centers in the entire country. Offering you; warehousing, customs agency, silos plant, temporary storage. Storage and yard area is 520.000 m2, 135.000 m3 Silos Plant and 28.100 (un) loading positions.


We are able to monitor your goods in storage, distribution and delivery. This will be done for all your specific demands, to ensure you that your (project) materials and machines can be followed with real time information.
Our own fleet is equipped with board computers and depending on your demands we can deliver you real time information concerning the position and status of your goods.


If requested we are able to create periodically reports with information to analyze your order process. With this information you will get the benefits of controlling your operations and order flow. If you can process this knowledge you will be able to improve your own processes and that's what we call "Value added Service".

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